Besançon photometric database for Kuiper-Belt Objects and Centaurs

Observatory of Besançon
UTINAM institute

If you want to add your own data...


Because nearly each observer has his(her) own manner to store photometric data it is very difficult to create an automatic web interface which can cover all the possibilities to read and extract correctly new data. For this reason if you want to add your own data to this database the only possibility is to send an email to its manager with your ascii files.

In your email try to provide all the necessary information to read correctly your ascii file(s). Provide the exact meaning of each column (JD or MJD for start of the integration or mid-frame, magnitude, standard deviation for the magnitude, filter, correction added to the data (if any) etc...).

In your mail specify also :

The coordinates of the database manager are :
Philippe Rousselot
Observatoire de Besançon
E-mail : philippe.rousselot "at"